Random Enjoyments

Vector Art
Make it as big or small as you want and the quality never waivers.

A great man once said to me: "Any subject I teach is only a vechicle; the actual trip is learning."

Video Games
I am big on interactive story lines.

Sci-fi Movies
Any movie that is going to take me on an epic adventure is a movie I am going to see.

I love cats. I have three of them actually; Bruce Wayne, John Connor, and Guyboy.

Clothing is just another form of art or expression. It is a very deep hobby of mine. I actually blog about it here.

I love cooking new things, and I especially love baking. I am a Banana Bread Baker Extrodinaire!

1980's Music, Movies, and Fashion
I was born at the end of the 1980's, so I never got to experience it first hand. However, with all the history the 1980's left behind it is easy to go back and become one with the culture.

Lady Behind The IdeasI am Lisa Roy and I am a Freelance Graphic and Web Designer. I have been creating since I was a young girl, but started designing ten years ago when I first discovered the Internet. I created Lady Ideas as my business identity in college, and since that time my brand has just grew and blossomed into something great. Moreover, I also use Lady Ideas to showcase my ongoing journey as an artist, and use it to display my design work that I have created over the years.

I currently reside in Columbus, Georgia with my fiancé. While I was not born and raised as a southern I still know what southern hospitality is all about. Living in the south for the past four years I have worked with various clients and have worked as an in-house graphic designer for a sports memorabilia company. Most of the knowledge I have was obtained from experience and experimentation, but I do have a college education from the International Academy of Design and Technology. This vast experience and knowledge I have acquired has helped me get great clients and has allowed me to work with professional sports leagues like the NFL (National Football League).    

Having to be a well-rounded designer has taught me a lot of important things about my industry. For example, not all clients are the same, not all dilemmas are created equal, and most of all, a positive attitude can make any situation a better predicament. As graphic and web designers we realize our clients (or employers) have certain needs that need to be met at certain times; with this in mind, I always try my hardest to serve my customers and provide the best customer satisfaction I can possibly give. This industry is known for its vibrant coloring, fancy typography, and flashy showmanship, but I intend to give it a much greater label by giving great customer service.

I am a very versatile designer as I can dwell very nicely in both the print and web worlds. Both dimensions can be very different and very alike at the same time, and I intend to clear the confusion my future clients or employers may face with this problem. I have experience in both mediums of information transportation and my very intention is that my customers get what they were originally looking for. 

As a result of my deep love for the arts, I became a graphic designer. With this identity, Lady Ideas, I plan to help my customers graphically any way I possibly can. To make their dreams come to a reality is my passion, and being able to take this brand of mine and help make my client’s brand flourish is what I work for.